Volunteer Opportunity: Crux Editors Wanted

We are looking for new Crux editors. Idea would be a team of two or more people. Among the skills needed are a strong command of the English language, good general knowledge of climbing and its history, in its various forms, mountaineering, bouldering, gym climbing, rock and ice climbing. In addition the editorial board needs members with graphic design, computer publishing program, and Photoshop skills. If interested please contact Eric Engberg at: ehengberg@gmail.com

A Brief Crux History

The Crux is the newsletter of the Mountaineering Committee of the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. It first appeared back in 1973 under the name The Climbers’ Newsletter and was edited by Steve Angelini. Bob Johnson was the Chairman of the Mountaineering Committee at that time. Four issues appeared under that name. When Paul Duval became Chairman of the Mountaineering Committee he took over the newsletter renaming it The Crux Of The Matter that became shortened to just The Crux. Paul was followed by Craigen Bowen as editor and she in turn was followed, in 1995 by Al Stebbins who first co edited it with Andrea McInnis and later with Pat Lutton, then Bill Clack and finally Nancy Zizza.

The Crux always featured articles on climbing but its major reason for being was to get the schedules out: climbing schedules, climbers’ night dates, and program dates such as the rock and ice program. With the advent of the Internet and the Mountaineering Committee’s website that no longer is true. Today The Crux now exists as a place for people to share their adventures in the vertical world with others. It gives climbers a chance to get their stories, photographs and drawings into print.