2019 Rock Program Outline

Knots Night

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Knots introduction and practice

Belay Weekend, Day 1

  • Crag safety

  • Building toprope anchors

  • Belaying communications

  • Toprope belay from the bottom of the cliff with a belay device

  • Toprope belay from the top of the cliff using Münter hitch

  • Knots

  • Coiling ropes

Belay Weekend, Day 2

  • Body belay

  • Lead belaying

  • Introduction to trad climbing

  • More knots

Rappel Weekend

  • Building and using rappel anchors

  • Joining ropes for rappel

  • Coiling and throwing rappel ropes

  • Extended rappel with autoblock backup

  • Direct Münter hitch rappel

  • Even more knots

Ascend Weekend

  • Using gear to make progress

  • Ascending ropes with slings and cord

  • Rappel-ascend transition

  • Friction hitches

  • Catching lead falls

Graduation Weekend

  • Clean a fixed anchor

  • Multi-pitch rappel

  • Belay with double ropes

  • Review/demonstrate all skills learned in course

Throughout The Course

  • Toprope climbs and taking falls

  • Catching falls as a belayer

  • Follow a leader on a trad climb

Optional/Time Permitting

  • Toprope belay from the top using a redirect

  • Assistive braking device (e.g., a GriGri)

  • Mechanical ascenders