We're excited to have a great crew of climbers coming to the Adirondacks July 24-26. We strongly suggest reviewing the information below or printing it out before the trip.



Sharp Bridge is a beautiful campground that is very close to some of the best climbing in the Adirondacks! We are limited to 6 campers per site, so please select your site on the planning spreadsheet or you can wait until July 20 when we will assign climbers to available sites. We recommend printing this map with our sites and the location of Saturday dinner marked.


We are limited to two cars per site so please use the overflow parking area, especially on Saturday night. Overflow parking is directly to your left before entering the campground gate. It's a very short walk to the pavilion where we'll have dinner on Saturday night.


The campground has water, bathrooms, and showers

Cell service:

You almost certainly will not have cell service at the campground so keep that in mind if making plans with others or if relying on GPS.

Campground map:

Here is a map of the campground. We've marked our sites and the location of dinner on Saturday. We recommend you print this if you're arriving late because it can be tricky to navigate in the dark!

Saturday Dinner

We will be having a group dinner on Saturday night at 7:30 PM. The dinner will be at the campground in the pavilion (marked on this map). We highly suggest bringing camp chairs or picnic blankets as picnic table seating is very limited! Please bring your own beverages of choice. There are fire rings here where will have a fire after dinner.

Food, gas, gear

This part Adirondacks is somewhat remote and has a limited selection for food, gas, and beer. We suggest bringing breakfast and lunch for climbing days to make life easier, but below are a few viable options.


Noon Mark Diner - good no frills spot for all meals, including to-go ice cream (the most important meal).  About 15 minutes from Sharp Bridge in Keene Valley. Good spot for breakfast before climbing near Chapel Pond.

ADK Cafe - probably the best spot in the area. Fantastic breakfast (recommend the French Toast) but serves hearty lunch and dinner as well. Worth visiting if your climbing plans are nearby but don't expect fast food. About 20 minutes from Sharp Bridge in Keene Valley, another good spot for breakfast if climbing near Chapel Pond.

Elizabethtown - Elizabethtown is about 15 minutes North of Sharp Bridge on your way to Poke-O. It has a greasy spoon diner, grocery store, and a gas station with to-go sandwiches. It has a few dinner options as well.

Gas (and beer):

Elizabethtown has a gas station 20 miles North of the Campground. Keene and Keene Valley has a few more options and a better selection of beer. Your best bet is to fill up along the way. The closest spot off the highway before getting off for the campground is a Sunoco in Schroon Lake at exit 28 off I-87.


If you've forgotten anything, the Mountaineer is sure to have it! This is one of the best gear stores we've ever seen and worth a visit if you're in Keene Valley. If you need a guidebook, this is a great spot to pick one up.

We recommend the Adirondack Rock book by Jim Layer and Jeremy Haas.  A new 2 volume edition just recently came out and sells for $40 total.  As far as guide books go, this one is very good.

The Birds and the Bees

Be sure to check here for the latest peregrine closures before heading up for the weekend, although things are pretty wide open at this point. And if you use bugspray, BRING IT! The Adirondacks hosts an impressive quantity of annoying bugs.


It would be hard to overstate the amount of accessible climbing available in the Adirondacks. Seriously, it is jam packed with cliffs! We highly recommend purchasing the guidebook as Mountain Project is under-developed for this area.

Below is some beta for climbing areas. Those listed are generally less than a 30 minute drive from Sharp Bridge with less than 20 minute approaches. This is just a small selection of cliffs near our campground. Check out the guidebook for info on the endless options! If you need directions to a cliff and cannot find them online or in the guidebook, email summerrendezvous@amcbostonclimbers.com.  This map is also a great resource to pinpoint cliff locations (navigate using the left sidebar).

Closest to campground:

Sharp Bridge Campground - It doesn't get closer than this. This is a 10 minute walk from the pavilion. It has seven climbs from 5.3 - 5.9 all of which are very well protected and can also be easily accessed to set up topropes.

Deadwater - This cliff is located a 10 minute walk from a pullout 1.3 miles North of the campground. It has grades from 5.6 upwards with the highest concentration in the 5.10 range (but some high quality 5.7-5.9 pitches). It is an impressive cliff and quite quiet given its easy access. It is not easy to toprope here without a leader.

King Philips Spring Wall - This area can be accessed from a pullout just 100 yards from exit 30. It is a very good spot for toprope groups and an easy 10 minute approach. Try your first lead on four-star Metacomet (5.2 G).

Best for toproping:

Owl's Head Mountain - This is a slightly further drive than some of the other recommendation but is considered the best spot in the area for toproping with a handful of 5.6-5.7 cracks.

Creature Wall - This cliff near Chapel Pond is accessible, easy to toprope and chock full of moderate handcracks with many from 5.6 - 5.8.

Jewels and Gems - Popular crag with a 1 minute approach near Chapel Pond. It has routes from 5.6 - 5.11 with very easy toprope access and a nice base area.

Tanager Face - This wall near Chapel Pond in the Cheap Date area has a number of short, challenging crack climbs that are toprope-friendly. Be sure to drop a line on Lifelong Affliction (5.8+) or Veracity (5.10a).

Best for moderate leads:

Pitchoff Chimney Cliff - This area is a bit of a drive but well worth it. Check out Pete's Farewell (5.7 G, 3 pitches), Great Chimney (5.6 G, 3 pitches), or The El (5.8 G, 3 pitches, crazy exposure!).

Upper Washbowl - Great views on several classic multi-pitch routes perched above Chapel Pond. Check out Wiessner route (5.6 G, 3 pitches) or Hesitation (5.8 G, 3 pitches).

Spanky's Area - This area near Chapel Pond has several walls with options for burgeoning leaders. It has a fair number of routes in the 5.3-5.6 range.  Pairing this with a multipitch in Upper Washbowl and a dip in Chapel Pond would make a great day!

First Lead Slab - Five routes from 5.2-5.7. Their names take the guesswork out of choosing your route. They are First Lead, Second Lead, Scary Lead, No Lead, and Last Lead. The approach is a bit longer than most at 25 mins.

Chapel Pond Slab - This area has two outstanding multi-pitch moderates. Empress (5.5 X) is a very popular 7-pitch route despite a 90' runout on P4. Regular Route (5.5 PG) is the most popular and best protected route on the cliff. It is six pitches with a standout crack-in-a-corner on P3.

Beer Walls - Beer Walls have 17 climbs rated 5.6 or under, making it a great destination for new leaders. It also has a wide selection of climbs from 5.7 - 5.12 and is toprope accessible in many areas.

Poke-O Moonshine - Poke-O has some of the best multi-pitch routes in the Adirondacks. Though the highest concentration of routes is from 5.10-5.11, it has a classic four-pitch 5.5 called Catharsis with five-star exposure on clean slab.


We are not pairing climbers at Summer Rendezvous so we recommend making plans in advance. If you are looking for a leader or willing to take out a second, please fill out your details on this spreadsheet. We have a 'no climber left behind policy' and will help facilitate if you are unable to find a partner but try to make your own plans first!


Shoot us an email at summerrendezvous@amcbostonclimbers.com. Or feel free to ask John G. or Alissa D. in person :)