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Open Cabin - Leader's Weekend

The Mountaineering Committee reserves the Harvard Low Cabin for weekends throughout the year. This weekend, we invite leaders in our Ice Program to join us to get ready for the season in addition to all other guests. 

As usual, there will a dinner gathering for everyone on Saturday evening hosted by Ian and Ildi at their home in Bartlet, NH.  Directions and details will be emailed out to our mailing list the week of the event.

The Harvard Low Cabin is a historic and rustic cabin located on Route 16 at Mile Marker 93.4 in Jackson, New Hampshire. Guests will need to bring sleeping pad and sleeping bag as everyone shares the floor to sleep in the cabin's large loft space. There is an open kitchen, drinkable water, an outhouse, and two stoves to heat the downstairs. In the winter months, cabin-goers will want to bring a warm sleeping bag.

The cost is $10 per night, per person to stay in the cabin.

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